Monday, March 31, 2008

Full Circle Shoes

I wasn't going to post about one company twice, but I love the shoes just as much as the jackets (the post below)

Get a Spring Jacket from Full Circle

here are the jackets

here's how you can wear them

you can buy online at

Pictures from Around the World

Good Ol' Facehunter went out and found some well-dressed boys from around the world. Here are my favorites.

London (of course he has an umbrella):

More of Another Label, Another Boy

Why all the models are hanging out on a shopping cart..I don't know.

Friday, March 28, 2008

This Just In: Kostym by Cheap Monday

Cheap Monday is taking a step towards classic and upscale with Kostym (for men and women).

Another Label, Another Boy

A few posts down I featured Australian Mic Eaton's label Material Boy. Today I post about the "little brother," Another Label, Another Boy. Quick question Mic, you know this model is a girl right? Seriously that "it" does not have boy parts; no way.

Read About Both Labels Here.

Be A True Outdoor Man

with this wool vest by Filson (the outdoorsmen's label since 1850)

Wood Wood Spring '08

Ever since working at Nylon, where I was introduced to this label from Jared, I've been keeping an eye on this line. Here's some pieces I like from the Spring '08 collection:

Obedient Sons

Oh God CFW

Chicago Fashion Week (NOT to be confused with the City's REAL fashion initiative, Fashion Focus) did find some great designers for their upcoming set of shows (late April). I don't want to admit it but, I really want to go. Here's why:

R Scott French

Carlos Campos

Both will be at Wednesday's Show (I believe). Hopefully I'll go and give you an update.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Material World

Material Boy: designer Mic Eaton, from Australia. Available at American Rag in LA, and many more.

sportswear can look good too

Pieces from Cheap Monday, Jil Sander, and Moschino

Stuart and Wright

I LOVE this storefront and what I can tell of the interior. Someone in Brooklyn, check it out for me. They carry Band Of Outsiders, APC, Rogues Gallery and more.

Stuart & Wright, 85 Lafayette Avenue:

Actually an Interesting Story Here

We all know of Dov Charney, the man behind American Apparel, as a harassing, dirty, old man, but this article might prove that wrong, or at least make you feel less gross about it.
Read It In Radar.

Wings & Horns

For the sneaker boys:

For Those of You Who Do That T-Shirt and Hoodie Thing

Check out this blog featuring pieces from WORLD boutique on Chrystie Street. This piece is by Brian Woods Exclusive.

i might be super behind on this, but...

Permanent Vacation. *Love the name.


The old Cloak store in Soho is now the new Acne Store. Right by the old work joint, nylon, the store can be found on Greene street. Interesting fact: The store is a collaboration with Opening Ceremony. Read about it, and see more pictures, on

Puma: From Shoes to Bikes

Tech Designer Steps Away from Flashy, Glittery Shit

If you know of the flashy, colorful, shiny duo that makes up label Heatherette, you'll get that subject line. Anywhere here's the news (taken from fashionista)

Heatherette's technical designer, Macky Dugan, is going out on his own. The New Zealand native, who came to Heatherette almost five years ago, is opening his own studio (well, actually sharing a studio with super-cool designer Sue Stemp) and starting a new collection of clothing called "Macky Dugan" It will be a menswear line (or unisex, whatever). That's Macky on the far left (in the picture). I'm kind of interested to see what this will become.

PS- I had the chance to see a Heatherette show during fashion week last September and bailed because my feet were on fire from living in NYC. I think I'm better off that I missed it anyway.

$$ Claw Money $$

Female Graffiti artist, Claw, has a collection of men's T-shirts, accessories, and more featuring her signature mark (the claw of course). Here are my favorites; other designs can be found through the link below.

Check out the rest here

Male Suspenders

Skinny suspenders, shirt, pants from Christian Joy (oh and you can match with your gf, how cute):

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Thrillist Chicago

Randomly found this site Thrillist. The blog has presence in NYC, LA, San Fran, Vegas, and Chicago. Check out the story on Shades of Greige. Didn't know this, but apparently they sell this line at Akira for Men.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Demar, Wear Red

Nothing to do with fashion but...

a pretty cool site for interior tidbits:

Well, Well, Well

So I was browsing (which I don't often do but probably should more) and what do I come across but a familiar face! The model below, aka Chris, was a semi-friend/acquaintance from when I was working at Diesel in NYC. I had the task of photographing male models all day for a DNR shoot. Chris, was the winner (note: I didn't choose). Anyway, I guess he's doing well (when I met him he had just moved from North Carolina, literally hours before I met him). Good job Chris. The modeling world is tough; glad it's embraced you better than that Diesel karaoke session.

Anyway here's Chris on's Spring Style Feature.

In a John Varvatos 3-piece suit:

Tim Hamilton jacket, Built by Wendy T-shirt and Pants:

Fay Jacket (available at Barneys):

Woolrich Woolen Mills Parka (kinda love it):

Men in Shorts

Gentlemen, believe it or not, your legs are sexy. Women love them (why you're blessed with better legs than us, I don't know). A good pair of shorts will show off a good pair of legs. This Spring/Summer why don't you give it a try? I think it's time for a shorts revival (give up wearing jeans all summer as you have been for the past few years). I'll admit it, I fell in love with a boy who was wearing shorts when we met. Here's a starting point:

Shipley & Halmos Spring '08:

Tim Hamilton Spring/Summer '08:

Diet Butcher Slim Skin Spring/Summer '08 *Note: Not a huge fan of the top half, the boots, or the model to be truthful, but these are a version of accessorized shorts (something you don't see too often):

Band of Outsiders How I Love Thee

You, with your pretend "polaroid" pictures and your blog for a website, I love you (especially when you use this actor in your photo shoots)

Purchase Some Here

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Menswear with Morals

Eco-friendly line Sustainable Collective, by Convoy, is a half mens half womenswear label. The great thing about them is that they are represented by my new friend, Bahar, over at The Four Hundred showroom in NYC.

Here is a look from their menswear collection:

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Schmoove Shoes

Available on

B. Son "Cowl" neck T-Shirt

Thoughts please?

Endovanera Fall '08

Model stinks. Clothing is good.