Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tech Designer Steps Away from Flashy, Glittery Shit

If you know of the flashy, colorful, shiny duo that makes up label Heatherette, you'll get that subject line. Anywhere here's the news (taken from fashionista)

Heatherette's technical designer, Macky Dugan, is going out on his own. The New Zealand native, who came to Heatherette almost five years ago, is opening his own studio (well, actually sharing a studio with super-cool designer Sue Stemp) and starting a new collection of clothing called "Macky Dugan" It will be a menswear line (or unisex, whatever). That's Macky on the far left (in the picture). I'm kind of interested to see what this will become.

PS- I had the chance to see a Heatherette show during fashion week last September and bailed because my feet were on fire from living in NYC. I think I'm better off that I missed it anyway.

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