Monday, March 24, 2008

Well, Well, Well

So I was browsing (which I don't often do but probably should more) and what do I come across but a familiar face! The model below, aka Chris, was a semi-friend/acquaintance from when I was working at Diesel in NYC. I had the task of photographing male models all day for a DNR shoot. Chris, was the winner (note: I didn't choose). Anyway, I guess he's doing well (when I met him he had just moved from North Carolina, literally hours before I met him). Good job Chris. The modeling world is tough; glad it's embraced you better than that Diesel karaoke session.

Anyway here's Chris on's Spring Style Feature.

In a John Varvatos 3-piece suit:

Tim Hamilton jacket, Built by Wendy T-shirt and Pants:

Fay Jacket (available at Barneys):

Woolrich Woolen Mills Parka (kinda love it):

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