Monday, January 28, 2008

london calling

'relaxed' menswear from and-i. available right by my old apt, at oak in brooklyn.

fall 2008

Pocket Watch...Viktor & Rolf.

More V&R.

10. V&R.

New tux, 1. Lucas Ossendrijver for Lanvin.

New tux, 2. Lanvin.


Now the new suit. Marni.

Alessandro Dell'Acqua.

McQueen. I'd love to catch this in Chicago.

This, however, not so much. Ann Demeulemeester.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Milan - Part One

Fall 2008 Collections:

I guess we can start with Costume National. A lot of trenches and hats. Three piece suits are making a comeback from 1892 (finally, the right direction). Ennio gives a nod to punk culture in this; or he tries, with some plaids and tight pants. All in all, pretty safe.

Versace. Double-Breasted everything walked down that runway. And once Donatella does it, I'd say it's a mass trend. That just proves I was right when I told my grandpa to wear his double-breasted suit this fall. And, long jackets like this one...ahhh (so good).

Prada. All I have to say is ruffled mini skirt. Ah, I'm not sure if this is supposed to blur that sexuality line, but it's definitely an abstract collection. We were all tortured with the thong sticking out of the low-rise jeans phase, but please don't turn that into something men should do. Example:

On the bright side, give it up for the textured suit. Still shiny, but in a decent way.


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