Thursday, July 16, 2009

NY Times hits Jake, hard

Read "The Trouble with Jake"

Starting the story calling the owners "beefy" pretty much sets the tone for this article written by Eric Wilson at the NY Times. The story continues to hit the owners of Jake, Jim Wetzel and Lance Lawson, over and over, spilling the beans that they owed their vendors a pretty penny.

Here's what I can't believe: 1. that NY Times cares to print an article about one little Chicago store 2. that they would do it in such a manner that pretty much kills Jake's reputation and 3. that it really is true, and the two owners really pissed off a lot of people.

Here's why I care: 1. I know Jim and Lance. I've met them numerous times while working with the Mayor's Fashion Council for the City of Chicago. 2. The store I work at now is a competitor, so to say, of Jake. 3. I've heard the woes about Jake's financial trouble from some of their owed vendors directly.

Anyway, this was a very interesting story to find in my inbox this morning. Lesson being, fuck glitz and glamour. Business is business.

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