Tuesday, June 16, 2009

affordable suits

This morning consisted of me searching through the online world in search of a well-fitting, stylish, yet affordable suit. Here's what I found:
Wrath Arcane Suit, blazer on Sale for $190, pant at $135 at Matthew Izzo.
I'm biased because I have a personal connection to Wrath Arcane since they are also from the Midwest. Regardless this brand never ceases to amaze me, and here we find one of their well-made jackets and pants for a great price.

Cheap Monday Mod Suit ($98 for the pants and $162 for the blazer) at Candystore Collective

Shades of Greige blazer $164 at Penelopes and Pleated Trouser $49 at Revolve Clothing.
Ok, so these aren't meant to go together, but who says you have to buy something that matches exactly. Mix it up.

Or order online from Topman: Black One Button Suit $165.

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