Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Men.Style.com's Coming Attractions

My favorites from men.style.com's favorites; a preview photo and inspiration.
Adam Kimmel - His inspiration: "The sixties L.A. art scene, particularly the artists centered around the Ferus Gallery."

Duckie Brown (Daniel Silver and Steven Cox) - "The Duckie Brown Spring 2009 collection is hard, sharp, severe, and efficient."

Obedient Sons (Swaim and Christina Hutson) - "Turn on, tune in, and drop out."

Patrik Ervell - "Athletic suiting, André Cadere, stripes, and the Memphis design movement."

Robert Geller - "Bohemian styling and classic tailoring. The mix of formal and casual silhouettes, romantic colors, and subtle texture evokes a hazy spring day in Eastern Europe."

Tim Hamilton - "Spring '09 is my take on futuristic streetwear, where boundaries are erased, shapes are gender-ambiguous (but inherently masculine), and fabrics are a juxtaposition of steely fabrics with soft yarns."

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