Friday, September 26, 2008

Capsule to Vegas

Slated to run Feb. 17 and 18 in a convention space in the Luxor hotel, the new Capsule show will be its third location, following its first Paris show this past summer and the original New York show that debuted in 2007. Capsule targets upscale, indie designers, premium brands and their boutique retail buyers. The show's organizers, the BPMW showroom in New York, are aiming for 40 to 50 vendors for the kickoff Las Vegas show.

"It will be a very similar setup to New York, with a brand assortment from all over the world," said Edina Sultanik Silver, a partner at BPMW. "There's a certain caliber of retailer and designer that we consider to be part of our community that we felt there is an opportunity to serve there."

source: DNR

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